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Authentic Spanish Catering by Elena

Begin your Spanish dining experience with your choice of two Tapas (entrée) from our Tapas Menu (1 serving per guest).

Next enjoy a traditional Paella, choosing from our classic Paella's; Mariscos, Negra, Fideuà, Mixta, Carne, Valenciana & Vegetariana

With market fresh ingredients; Capsicum, Onion, Garlic,Mushrooms, Chilies, Paella Rice, Herbs and Spices, Black & Green Olives with the all-important Spanish Saffron, Olive Oil and Tomatoes all go to complete these flavorsome dishes

All our Paella's are Gluten Free and DO NOT contain any Nuts. Our Vegetarian is also Vegan Friendly

Paella "Mariscos" - A mix of Prawns, Mussels, Squid, Salmon, Tuna, Baby Octopus & Crab.

Paella "Negra" New - A mix of Prawns, Mussels, Calamari, Squid, Salmon & Tuna with black squid ink.

Paella "Mixta" - A fusion of meat and seafood to create that authentic Spanish aroma. Containing Tuna, Mussels, Prawns, Squid and Calamari, mixed with Chicken and my home made Chorizo sausage.

Paella de "Carne" - Enjoy that mighty meat taste with Chicken, Beef & Chorizo sausage.

Paella "Valenciana" New - Traditional Valencian with Rabbit, Chicken, Snails, Green Beans, Garlic & Tomatoes.

Paella "Vegetariana" - A combination of market fresh Red, Yellow and Green Capsicums, Onions, Mushrooms, Chillies, Paella Rice, Herbs and Spices, Black & Green Olives with the all-important Saffron, Olive Oil & Tomatoes.

Paella "Fideuà" New - Valencia is "the land of rice" and dozens of different rice dishes, however "Fideuà" is a very popular traditional main course similar to "paella." Cooked in our paella pans, it is made with short noodles rather than paella rice, including; seafood (Prawns, Mussels, Calamari, Squid, Salmon & Tuna) with onion, garlic & tomato cooked in fish broth. Served with our home made Aioli sauce (optional)

Cooked in our huge Paellara’s (Paella Pans) and prepared in the authentic Spanish style, to create amazing tasting Paella for you and your guests to enjoy. The perfect way to share food with loved ones, friends or colleagues.

Available as Paella Only or a complete three course Authentic Spanish Fiesta

Three Course includes; Mediterranean Salad & Bread Rolls

Complimented with your choice of Our Famous Red or White Sangria (2 glasses per guest)

To complete your Spanish dining experience

Enjoy our authentic Churros con Chocolate for dessert


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Catering Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10am - 12am


Catering Locations

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We cater to all locations within Victoria.

Extra Distance Surcharge May Apply

Phone: 0402 982 661